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Shiraz And A Girl

Wine is best shared in the company of fellow wine-lovers; however tonight, such people are absent from my life, namely one girl I haven’t yet specifically mentioned on this blog.  This girl lives a few hours north (3 hours northeast to be exact), forces me to brighten up my eyes to the music in front of me, and sends me love the old-fashioned way – in the form of x’s and o’s.  A long distance relationship is a bitch I promised myself I’d never speak to again, but here I am facing that maiden square in the face.  And I couldn’t be happier.  Not everything is rosy in the world right now; the recession has cut off the creative person’s drive, forced him into the experience of everyday people, a fate he’s tried to avoid his entire life.  But it has made him thankful for the opportunity to see other people where they are, to embrace himself in the daily struggle of those whom have greater perspective and greater character than he does.  It has made him thankful for the support system of individuals who would do anything to see success come to fruition in his life.

Tonight I tried a new Shiraz I’ve not had before, Red Belly Black, and I drank a full bottle of it alone in my parent’s basement.  While some may think ill of this, any catalyst that causes me to think of the ones I love the most can never be a bad thing.  So tonight, I had both a Shiraz and a girl with me while Bright Eyes sang melodies and strummed acoustic guitars.  It has been a good night.  Thank you.

For Katie.