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First Alderaan, Now This?

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It looks like we’ve found the remains of a distant planet, only evidenced by a dust cloud floating close to a white dwarf named G29-38.  Here’s what New Scientist had to say:

The planet’s outer layers were apparently engulfed by the star’s preceding red giant phase. The core survived but may have been dragged close enough to the subsequent white dwarf to be torn apart by its gravity, creating the dust cloud.

Earth, on the other hand, is likely to be totally vaporised during the sun’s red giant phase billions of years from now.

I call bull shit.  We all know our pop culture history too well to let a story like this just slide by unchallenged.  Say, New Scientist, did the white dwarf happen to look like this?

I think we just witnessed a fully armed and operational battlestation.

That's no white dwarf, it's a spacestation.

Let’s hope this particular white dwarf doesn’t make it to Earth for a few billion years… oh the look of disappointment on their faces when they realize our sun already beat them to the job of destroying us all!  It’ll be priceless.

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