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And Then the Cold, the Bitter, the Depressing

Posted in Books, Creationism, Evolution, Films, Music, Personal, Politics, Religion, Science, Uncategorized, Unmitigated Awesomeness by steelstringed on December 7, 2008

I just burned up 2 hrs. and 22 minutes re-watching Closer, which could have been used to sleep. But I needed badly to watch it. I was compelled to a late night viewing instead of wasting time in unproductive slumber, cause that’s all I’ve been doing for days.

It is an amazing film. I say this sharing every bit of the humanity and pain of the characters in it; the coldness of Larry, the bitterness of Alice, the depression of Dan. Anna is a tragedy that I will fight my life to avoid.

Of the four, first call me Dan. Prone to infatuation, quick to call it love, cunning with words (probably less-so than I’d like to imagine) and subject to extreme confusion for years on end. Overly obsessive with each small obsession, a brilliant son of a bitch capable of destroying that which he admires, driven by truth to the point of ruin.

Next, call me Alice. Irresponsibly spilling out love without reciprocation, feigning self-respect while needy to the point of tears, guardian of my secrets that no one must know, as fast as a light switch to find new love when current love sours.

Finally, call me Larry. Proud of my perversions, a champion of myself, I am my own muse at the expense of others, boasting of my attainment of love more than that which gives it. Cold in my retribution and bloated in my victories.

Anna carries traits of all them all, but is too weak to exhibit even strength of her failures. She is a wash to me and I hope I never see myself in her shoes.

I have never experienced in full magnitude the cheating, lying, and devastation displayed in the film, but if you can see yourself somewhere within its reels, we can be friends. If you can’t, check yourself; you are probably not human or perhaps have never loved someone. If you have not seen Closer, watch it immediately. If you don’t care, you need a lesson in the greatness of Clive Owen. And if you don’t like Natalie Portman, shut your mouth because she is my future wife and looks hot even when she’s bald.