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Stick a Björk in Me, I’m Done

Posted in Books, Creationism, Evolution, Films, Music, Personal, Politics, Religion, Science, Uncategorized, Unmitigated Awesomeness by steelstringed on December 1, 2008

As a musician, there are always those few artists who speak in a language that makes me want to give up this whole music thing and become a janitor.  (No offense to any janitors reading this..) I’m talking about the artists who bleed creativity, emotion, and eerie bliss in a transcendent and magnificent way.  A couple examples come to mind such as BT on the electronic side or Radiohead on the band side of things.  These musicians transport you somewhere else, sometimes uncomfortably, sometimes with such potency that it would be wise not to operate any kind of heavy machinery while listening.

Tonight, Björk is that artist.  I am very unfamiliar with her work, but as I am currently a few songs into my first listening of Drawing Restraint 9, I already realize she should be filed in the “Unclassified Magnificence” genre at the music stores.

Immediately, I must get my hands on the film (Drawing Restraint 9) for which this CD is the soundtrack.  If you know of where I can find this film, please let me know.  I have no doubt that it will be beyond my scope of appreciation, but the least I can do is try to understand.  My rock and pop-music tools are going back in the box this evening; looks like I’m getting out a plunger to go clean up my unworthy piles of crap.  No heavy machinery though, gotta watch out for my well-being.