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READ: Comments Rules

This blog is meant to be my personal outlet for thoughts, ideas, and topics I find interesting, humorous, or important. It is in no way meant to steer clear of offense, ridicule, or sarcasm regarding anything I deem appropriate for such responses. I realize some readers may occasionally disagree or take offense at some of the opinions shared on this blog by me or other readers, which is to be expected.

Because of this, I ask that we try to keep the comments section free from any kind of personal attacks toward me or other readers. I have provided my e-mail address for such sentiments as a way to keep the comments section as discussion-friendly as possible.  However, if I find e-mail attacks to be either interesting, humorous, or important, I reserve the right to post an offensive, ridiculing, or sarcastic entry containing the contents of such e-mail on the front page of my blog :)

This blog is open to differing views of any and all types and sharing of personal ideas is encouraged! I would simply ask that comments are made in a way that will facilitate discussion instead of discourage it.



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