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Posted in Personal by steelstringed on November 19, 2009

Friday will be the one year anniversary of this blog. Long, cliché story short, a lot of shit happened and now Season Two is back with an all new cast. I haven’t yet decided if I will fully ressurect this blog, but I felt compelled to at least update it and unhide all of my previously abandoned posts for the internets to see.

I have returned to Nashville and am living with 3 of my best friends. We rent a house, live on tuna, eggs, ramen, and beer, and sometimes we write music when the mood strikes. I work as a server in a successful restaurant and scrape by on my bills while frivilously spending money buying energy drinks, cheap wine and a brand new netbook. It’s quite the life, I must say.

And yet some important ingredient is missing. Might it be money? Fame? A true love? I don’t know, but the desire for knowledge has become my number one priority. What terrifies me, however, is knowing that this ingredient might never be found; in fact, I am not even sure some of the potential candidates (money, love, success in music) will ever be realized, much less any advance in aquiring a satisfactory accumulation of knowledge. My ignorance is what bothers me the most, and my irritation is only amplified with the realization that in loathing the ignorance of others, I must loathe myself most of all.

Nevertheless, I am starting a new season with a desire to dramatically increase my personal statistics in every discipline of life. By next November, I hope the image in the mirror reflects much more of a change than this past year has brought.